Monday, 20 January 2014

That New Wig I Spoke Of A Fair Few Posts Ago

This is one of my alternate hair styles, feels nice when wearing a strapy top, feeling it glide over ones shoulders is so feminine and sensual.
I have a number of varied wigs, some good, some bad. This one was off eBay and only cost around £8.  The hairband is part of the wig and it also has clips under it to slide into your own hairline for more support...

More Pics Below....
all photos in this post taken by my girlfriend..
Love You xXx
I wish i could show you the photos i took of her...
We had such an Epic Night
If you've seen the photos of all our toys, you'll understand that unlocking me is optional.....
and is not always done... hence the size of my poor clittys balls...

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Google+ Suspended Again

Seams every time i start adding a few people to my Google+ that my profile ends up suspended...

Im so sick of these jealous fkn wasters & these orgasm guilt wankers who jack off to me, then report me

It's been under review over a week now while im unable to reply to any comments or messages
all my profile posts have also vanished as its been inactive as they say (fkn suspended i say)

I have NO idea what its total deletion will do to this blog, although my blog was opened with a HOTMAIL address their are no garantees that ANY of my blog images will survive, simply because the fkn idiots at google have integrated G+ photo albums into my fkn blog

I am also UNABLE to comment, or subscribe on YouTube, even though that TO was opened with a HOTMAIL address... NOT A FKN G+ or a GMAIL!!!!

All i can say is "Follow My Blog"
because this is the ONLY place im going to be posting stuff for a while!!!!

Monday, 6 January 2014

Scam Blogs Warning

Ive recently started re-visiting blogs ive added in the past (ive not had much free time as of late so ive been kinda busy)  anyway ive noticed a LOT of blogs i used to like have become OTHER blogs

IE they used US to build their following then just turned into an Android APK blog!!


tries to run 2 exe files (probably a malware downloader and a trojan downloader)
while also filling your comp with other crap

and they have done that purely for money, true utter fucking scabs should be burnt alive
(they want money from adverts AND all your personal data, they don't care if you have family photos on your pc.. loved ones that have died.. they want ALL they can get because they are fkn scum)

Just opening the page (depending on your browser settings) can actually auto download the infection..
what a scum bag piece of shit!!!!

lucky for me im a PC tech, im a nerd,  So Start being careful were you surf regarding blogger & tumbler, these bastards are their to fuck up your computer & steal your personal info.. no bondage for them.. just instant DEATH!!

Saturday, 4 January 2014

New Dress & Jacket

New Dress, Jacket, And Body Shaper

Firm Hold Body Shaper £14
KIAH Dress £10
Jacket £5
1 Sissy Slut Ready To Please.. Priceless...
Feeling Kinda Shy
So I Did xXx
And Then I Did Some More xXx
Then I Begged To Be Taken...