Friday, 1 April 2011

The Text Message She Sent When She Passed The Audition

 Hiya baby, that job interview i went for, i passed with flying coloured.

Ive wanted this job for a while and after meeting Jerome he put me onto the agency. Ive just done my frst video and photo shoot and attached some pictures to this message. Read the note at the end please.

I had to suck this guys massive cock honey.. it was huge, my jaw is really sore

I was so horny posing with him, i mean don't get me wrong, i love you honey, but you can't help but envy his cock and how good we look together can you baby?

The anticipation to feel him inside me was burning me alive, i thought ide feel guilty being fucked by another man but when i saw the size of his cock.. i realized your not much of a man.. and i know you've been wearing my clothes, maybe thats why you have suck a small dick compared to all the men ive seen here today..
But i do love you honey.

 I left a dirty pair of my knickers on the bed with the outfit i know you like to wear, i expect you to be dressed and do your make up for when i get home. I want to see my sluty girl when i get home.. Ile be sure NOT TO SHOWER.. you can taste your first load of cum as a GIRL..

Ive been told to take home some toys, dildos, chains, bondage gear.. even a few strappons. I need to practice chaining up and strappon play, i maybe fucking girls soon to. Anyway i can practice on you honey, i will pull your knickers to one side and take you. Ive learnt a lot today, many positions i shall teach you.

I need to practise chastity on you as well, but im sure that will be fun, i hope your going to enjoy our new life.. From your internet history i no this is what you want.. And just think all them hot black studs who fuck me get tested regular.. I i can bareback all the way. I got 5 more videos to do, next one is a gang bang. Im going to be flooded off my feat when i get home. Your going to have so much cum all over you when i take your virginity sissy.

Its a good job we will have the strappons when i get home, i no your going to be dying for sex, but i will be to sore and you will be locked up on chastity.. But thats ok.. i will train my hips to fuck girls.. and you shall be my first female lover.. make sure you wear perfume to, and shave all over. I will be home after ive shot the 5th video..

Unless you can accept my new job honey then im afraid its over.. i mean the money is good and the sex.. well the sex.. mmm .. omfg baby the sex.. its amazing...

.. ps.. i love you pps, wish me luck.. i have to go show the director i can handle 5 guys at once, wish me fuck baby

*Luck.. xXx