Friday, 4 February 2011

Be It Forced OR Chosen, Nothing Like A Girl Showing You How TO Move Your Hips

She loves fucking you.. makes you understand why she needs other men in her life..

And the way she fucks you.. its clear your crap and sex, you never last as long as she does...

This is what happens when you ask a girl what's wrong, and rather than leave you.. she tells you..

When She Unlocked You

Your Girlfriend Impersonating A Shemale With Your Cock
When she came home you where still tied to the bed, you wanted to taste her.. she just wanted to humiliate you and enforce the fact your denied any more access. She stroked your cock like it was hers, it slipped in for a moment and she laughed saying she could barely feel it.. She asked if you could feel her.. and could you feel all their cum inside her. you just moaned desperate to go back inside her while all the more being tuned on seeing her tits while it looked like she had a cock... She had many cocks.. but that is another story for when your back in your cadge and bent over the bed.