Sunday, 2 August 2009

Time To Share The Best Mans Gift

Ready For Your First Taste Of Another Man Honey?

You never said how great your best mate really was.. anyway he gave me a wedding gift for us both.. I guess unless you get your face in here right now then in 9 months you could be a sissy daddy.. Whats that baby... you don't want to lick your friends cum from me?

Are you sure now? because i am on that cycle where i could easily get pregnant.. you sure you don't want to make sure you get it all out of me?
Its clear he's back.. hell that's why i let him fuck me.. but it'll be clear the baby's not yours..
What She Remembers As her Hubby Eats Her 3 Hour Used Pussy

I thought that would change your mind.. my god baby you've never used your mouth like that before.. mmm shush.. don't try to talk.. as her fingers grip his hair tight and she grinds on his face.. he has no idea he fucked her before the wedding.. if she was going to get pregnant.. then she already is,, but what better way to make sure your hubby eats your black lovers cum..

So 3 hours ago she was probably impregnated by his best mate who happens to be huge.. black.. and a bit of a stud
In essence their is NO WAY IN HELL she would share such a hot guys cum with you...

Your about to eat the nerdy wedding photographers cum.. she's done that just to spite you.
The day your coloured child is born. will be the day she shows you the Extra wedding photos and points out who is the daddy and also who was the sperm donor for your first meal as a girl.. the meal you assumed would save all this embarrassment.

she shows you the picture...
and says...