Saturday, 31 December 2011


She couldn't believe it, you dared her, she said only if you'd clean her....
She'd been reading your porn, tahst why she dared you to clean her if she did it...
she new that would clinch it..
so off she wandered in the party, it was now one minuet to midnight and you where about to bring in the new year with another mans cum in your mouth...
She had never been so turned on.. when your finished you thought she'd let you cum.. but you remember that new years resolution begins in 30 seconds and so does hers.. so hurry up, shes gotta go find her first fuck of the new year.. but don't worry, she'll share his cum when she gets back..

Sunday, 25 December 2011

Getting Mistress Ready

First She Checks You Are Locked

Then You Get Mistress Ready For Her Lover

Milked Facial

Christmas day she said she'd let you cum if you tasted it,, she caged you in January.. its been a year
Your ass is ready.. your lips are eager.. your balls are swollen...
But you had no idea the cum you'd taste would be MILKED..
12 Months and still NO orgasum.. but you got to have sex and some cum.... mmmm