Saturday, 28 November 2015

That Year Later

When you first met she told you her plans, you acted shocked and yet loved the idea. infact she had been watching you from afar for a while, she had even managed to get spyware onto your laptop when you visited a link she posted, she knew you would click it by other internet activity.

On your wedding day you put this on

You still can't believe that after a whole year wearing it.. today for that first time, she said you can have an orgasm, you couldn't believe her. Then she said, you have done your hair, your make-up, your breasts are growing, you've been such a good good girl, you really do deserve a real male orgasm.

Which She Fed You.... right from one of her lovers........

Have You Got Your Christmas Tree Dress Yet?

How Many Of You Girls Own A Body Shaper Or Corset

Because Curves Are Important Too!!!