Saturday, 20 December 2014

Mother Teachers Daughter The Cuckold Test Leading To A Change In Her Life For The Better

Mother Teachers Daughter The Cuckold Test

When Jason proposed to his girlfriend she told him all about her fantasies, needs, desires, requirements and what her ideal husband would be.
She told him that she was bisexual and that she didn't know if she could live her life with just 1 let alone a man and not exploring her sexual desires. Jason clearly loved the idea of his girlfriend in bed with another woman, but that isn't what she meant.

Getting Ready For More Training
 She wanted a husband, a lover, a sexual play partner that she could be her self with, someone she could be dominated by as a woman, and also someone she could dominate as a woman. Her mother advised the cuckold test which involved her daughter tying her intended down to the bed so she could show her how to find out if a specific man could be dominated. Granted blackmail using photos of some kind can get what you want.. but sexual devotion is key to the perfect marriage. Her mum walked in after Helen had tied her boyfriend face down across the bed, her mum got behind him and placed a strappon against his ass while gently putting a little strain on it. He had no idea it was her mum as he lay wriggling trying to edge back, almost inviting this cock inside him.. not until a mere 60 seconds later, when she said "reach under him Helen and see if he's still hard.. A real man would of gone soft and been wriggling to get free upon feeling the cock head at his ass" She was already holding his dick in her had mid sentence with a smile on her face.. But this was just part of the test.. she felt his cock throb and pulsate when her mum said "cock head against his ass" he clearly wanted this and with a smile shared between them both, her mum sank into her boyfriends ass. he let out such a moan and started to wriggle and struggle. She pushed in all the way and told her daughter to climb on his back to hold him down.. He was hard, rubbing against the bed, they just talked about their future as though he wasn't even their as he felt his mother in law breaking him in...

Training Continues As He Learns To Be Her Submissive Lesbian Lover
Using a collar & lead to enforce ownership & her rock hard fat strappon cock to enforce her male side dominance over him. Along with that video of him being fucked by his future mother in law while he just lay their moaning rather than fighting for her to stop, it was clear.. he had no choice but to either be outed as a fag. Or do as Helen told him to. It wasn't long until she had him riding her while she held his cock tightly in her hand. No wanking unless my cock is inside you she said. After 3 days in chastity he was already reaching round to slip her strappon dildo inside him. her mum sure broke him in that first time around.

Taunting, You Never Fuck Me Like This, When You Do.. You Cum To Fast

She said the average White man (and she emphasized the word WHITE and the word MAN) can generally come 3 times a day, so i am going to fuck you three times a day, and if i forget, then you will approach me and flirt with me, otherwise it will be 6 times a day and i will set a repetitive alarm on my phone to remind me. And Trust ME!! That Will Be Painful!!!

Loving Being In Control Of Her New Slut!!!

She loved taking her new girlfriend while teasing about it being a man, rather than her. But still she had a deep desire to be fucked by a REAL MAN with a MASSIVE COCK her self.. Both of which her husband to be lacked, so the training continued while she figured out how to gently break it to him that she needed to find her self a REAL MAN.. I Need A MAN who will Fuck ME!! just like I Fuck You honey.. she just blurted it out. he just moaned in agreement as she took him deeper with each thrust of her cock in his new pussy that seamed to crave the feel of her cock inside him. His moans betrayed him.

Edging Him.. To Get What She Wants
On the Friday night she talked him into going the club, what he didn't realize was she was going to edge him every 30 minuets in the toilet with her strappon. By the 6th visit to the toilet he was ready to sell his soul to the devil for release, but she told him "the key to your cage is at home baby"  But that's ok.. we are here for another hour or so yet.. I've not seen anyone i really fancy.. FANCY he grunted as she started slamming harder and said "come on baby you no how much you love my hard veiny cock fucking you fast, hard and deep.. don't you think as a REAL GIRL i want that to? A BIG HARD COCK FUCKING ME!!"

Learning To Deep Throat A Real Man
She snorted.. as he just moaned and wriggled.. pressing back on her cock. She new Tonight. Is The... mmm Tonight.. she grasped for breath.. Tonight is the night i cop my gurl off with a man while i get to find my self a really hot looking black guy with a massive 12inch dick... Jason just moaned as she slid out her strappon from its strap and then held it in place with the knickers she had him wearing. He'd sucked it, licked it, kissed it, been fucked by it, and now he was going to dance with her cock inside him. She pulled up his jeans fastening his belt tight... He was spending the rest of their club time dancing with her strappon all the way inside him. This was it.. she had him eager and desperate to please her.. and so she wandered looking for her next solid care free, no strings tied, all.mighty interracial fuck fest... while he sat in a corner booth trying not to look like a slut riding a cock. He saw her on the dance floor with a black guy.. the way she ground back hard against his crotch when he spun her back toward him, this just made him grind down harder on her cock she wedged inside him.

She led this hot black stud back to the booth and said this is Jason my friend, when the hot black guy gave her a puzzled look she said "It's ok, he's gay, i came out with him tonight as he was to shy and scared to come out on his own.." O i see the hot black stud said with his hand resting on Helens thigh, right next to her pussy. She started kissing him while motioning Jason to go under the table, as he refused the guy noticed and shot jason a look of do it faggot NOW..

She no longer needs you..
Jason crawled under the table, he could see this guys fingers deep inside his fiancée as he undid the guys belt. His cock sprang free and in unison both Helen and her soon to be lover was pulling his head in line with the rock hard black dick that would soon possibly impregnate her.

Jason gagged on this guys cock while she teased his balls and kissed him (making him even harder in his mouth) he bit her tong and as a mutual recognition, they both held Jasons head firmly on the guys cock as he came hard in Jasons mouth. She said lets go dance and have another drink then head back to my place.. Tonight i want what he had.. as she looked over at her boyfriend sitting uncomfortably. She laughed and said.. clean your chin...

Knowing she had that hot guy with her just gave her so much confidence, and also made her realize she deserved better and from now on.. she got what she wanted.. when she wanted..

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