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We all know google+ has restrictions,
but blogs are so much easier to chat on with less restrictions...

So I Pose A Question or two.... mmm licks lips..





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Sunday, 9 March 2014

Warning About Social Media Website Rules

Please Heed These Warnings
About Social Media Website Rules...

I was recently asked if i used a facebook, and i decided to share this information to help you save wasting time building up a friends list and a following, only to be deleted with a really cold mechanical reason as to why....

So I Shall Cover FaceBook First, Then Google.. Flickr and so on...

The rules on FACEBOOK state you must use your Real First Name and your Real Last Name (but your middle name can be a nickname) Also abbreviations of your first name are allowed (but only if its commonly known) such as Bill instead of William is allowed.
 IE: Psycho Jones and Madman Fred are NOT  allowed... but you could have Jimmy Psycho Jones and that's fine.. If your name is Jimmy Jones... and you can prove it...

It just takes a few people (you said no to) to report you to facebook out of sheer spite, and its exponential, it can be 10 reports spread out over 6 months. And your account is gone.. UNLESS?

Well..  I used to use facebook, but they suspended my account early last year, so i tried to appeal..

When i tried to appeal i was told i had to provide a "Photo ID" showing a clear image of my face, my name and my date of birth. When i told them i had no photo id "showing that name" and explained my situation, I was mechanically told again... Submit An Official Government Based Photo ID.
I don't drive, and a photo ID in the UK is £75, and it would only show my real name and my male face..

So i decided to do a little research on the subject and i found that being a cross-dresser is perfectly fine as long as you use your Full Real Name on FB, and clearly i thought fk that lmfao..
So i dug a little deeper again and although i found there is no way around this for a Profile (and it just takes 5/10 haters to report your account as fake) I decided to use their own rules against them!! 

In the "Page" rules it says "you can create a page about anything, from a person, product to an idea"   So i made a page and used the IDEA  "If I Had Been Born A Girl"  This is something facebook can do nothing about, unless I post porn directly onto their of course. But rest assured, facebook wont tolerate us having a Profile, Yet nor will they target us, BUT when we are reported, we will get deleted
 (unless we tell the world who we really are)

  ALSO be warned that facebook recently Implemented an option on pages
where admin's can see "who posted what AS the page"
So if your running a CD/TG page and you have admin's....
 then administrators of your page can see your real name on the page posts you make..
So avoid having admins unless you know them outside facebook and trust them...

My page is (technically in their pages settings) about a "Fictional Character"  that's something they can't do anything about, as it's the truth "in their eyes"  and in their rules
My Page Is Here.. Please Like It

The excuse they give when closing your account is this...
"A Profile Has To Be About A Real Person, A Profile Can Not Pretend To Be Something You Are Not"
I was blown away when i read that.. But they did make it clear I could create a Page...
Maybe facebook should be more concerned about all the Turkish people stalking us kinda gurls in the hopes of a green-card right?

Well wouldn't you know it, the rules on G+ are the same, but this is a little more naughty than Facebook for sure...  So you create a YouTube and you use a USER NAME, then google automatically create you a Google+   profile, once that profile gets deleted.. so does your youtube...
I would recommend making a separate YouTube and NOT linking it to G+, their is an option to delete G+ services (that doesn't delete your youtube OR your blog) My point is you should keep your Google+ and your YouTube with 2 separate email accounts, ALSO be sure to AGE RESTRICT your videos on YouTube if they show anything of a sexual nature.. That covers you, unless its Full On Porn like...
then your gone (hell thats what tube and Xhamster are for right?)

Google Blogger Blogs?
Well these are semi simple, You MUST set your blog as restricted, so users get the warning before they enter, just like you did when opening my blog. Also they don't approve of Incest, Child Porn, Animal Porn, Or Scatt and Piss content, other than that it seams your blog can cover just about anything..

Remember photos uploaded to a blog go into a picasa album, that album is Private on picasa, if you make it public then they'll be reported and deleted, if you share that album on Google+ they will be reported and deleted (this will make a right mess of your blog)
This way you have only ever posted the images on your blog.. guaranteed... and they can't be reported here NOR can they be seen and then reported elsewhere... Don't play with settings you don't comprehend


Now i have never ever been keen on Yahoo, but i have to say flickr has the best policy on the planet, it may seam a little cold, harsh and calculated, but ya no what, It's Blunt and It Works!!!

The Policy Translated is as simple as this.. A Man Dressed As A Woman Is A Fetish

As such, any photos of you dressed as a woman (including full on cock shots and explicit porn) CAN be Uploaded to flickr as long as you apply the Highest content rating they provide...

You don't even have to make photos private, you just HAVE to set them as Restricted...
(NEVER Reduce their rating just to get them into a group, fuck the group, it wont be around long with settings like that, nor will the members posting within it)

SO although their reasoning is harsh for those pre-op and post-op girls, at least they label us and allow us to use the label. Granted its not great, but hey, we are accepted for "What We Want To Be" that to sounds cold right?, well its a pretty shit world we live in gurls... Maybe we need to burn our bra's for gurly rights on facebook...

You might want to go into flickr settings and turn OFF the safe search on your account, you'll then be able to see millions of TG/CD/TS images on flickr, it's a porn haven with safe search off.. and that's why you must restrict your pictures.  See "Safe Search" is on be default, if users turn that off, then its their own fault when they see a photo they don't like.. It also stops wankers who are drooling over you.. then realize your a guy...
Their is NOTHING they can do about it as long as your images & videos are marked RESTRICTED
and that is why IT WORKS!!!


Well what can i say about Tumblr lmao, what a site and wtf lol
OK tbh i no nothing of Tumblr besides its packed to death with caption porn images, I would have to read the rules before i could give you my advice, so my advice "at the moment" would be read their rules fully
I might check it out and update this post

Take Note.. G+ and Facebook...
We Exist.. We Are Often Two People Within One Body!!!
And Our Second Self Is Not Always A Public Person!!!
But Our Second Self Still Deserves ....
A Friends List!!!
A Social Life!!!
A Love Life!!!
A Place To Meet Others With The Same Interests!!!

PLEASE SHARE THIS, HIT THE G+, Hit The Facebook, The Twitter,

Send It Where ever you want, but this censorship of our existence needs to STOP, these companies need to stop ignoring us and our needs as though we don't exist..
maybe they need to meet BOTH SIDES OF US IN PERSON....

Good Cop.. Bad Cop...
they just don't understand us.... or want to try to... are we infectious?